I’m not starting an NGO, nor do I work for one. My mission is to find and showcase existing social enterprises that are doing effective work. Many people are under the (idiotic and misguided) impression that there aren’t any West Africans innovating and developing solutions to the problems faced by their communities. I spend most of my time in this region (mainly in Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and Ghana) and whenever I do return to the states for a visit home, I am asked a series of stupid and maddening questions. Things like:

“Are there banks there? How do you get money?”
“Aren’t your worried about HIV/AIDS?”
“Do you need a satellite phone?”

I am tired of these questions. I hope that one day I don’t need to answer them. I hope that one day, I can focus 100% of my energy on camel drawing. This will happen. In the meantime, I am going to teach the world how to draw camels while also showing a side of West Africa that some people can’t seem to imagine.

These projects are not charity cases. I consider any financial contribution made by this site less of a donation and more of an investment. These are projects that could be replicated on a larger scale and in other other parts of the world. I’m just trying to raise their profile.

I will be connecting with these projects in person and documenting their work here on How to Draw Camels. To follow along, subscribe to the blog.

SOS Democratie

I have been collaborating with this groups of pro-democracy activists in Mali over the past couple of months.


See my interview with Boukary Konate here

Ecova Mali

I will be staying at their training center for several days, getting a first hand look at their operation and reporting back on this site. Check them out at

Project Muso

Read about my experience shadowing a community health worker here.

Mali Health Organizing Project

See my blog post on MHOP here.

Women’s farming cooperative in Misabougou

See my blog post on this cooperative here.

AvTech Academy and Medicine on the Move

See my post about my experience at Kpong airfield here

Most projects will not be featured until I experience them on site, but feel free to suggest a project on the contact page.

You can find updates and reports on projects I am working with in the projects category on the blog.