Drawing Camels in Amsterdam in 1958

by phil on June 11, 2013

in Camel Drawing,Social Enterprise

Turns out, I’m less of a pioneer than I originally thought. Yvonne, who runs the great Rondom Baba Foundation in the Mopti region of Mali, sent me a photo of her drawing camels in 1958 in Amsterdam!!!


She is the 4th from the left, in the white, drawing a beautiful, very regal bactrian camel.

If you do not have access to bactrian camels, but you would still like to draw them, you can pick up a copy of the How to Draw Camels Ebook and you will be on your way!*

*Disclaimer* The bactrian camel drawing techniques that I teach you in the ebook will help you draw an obese bactrian camel. I have not yet perfected the pedagogy that will allow people to learn how to draw slim bactrian camels. But I’m working on it.

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