Camel Drawing Gallery

Below you will find camel drawings that people have sent to me from all over the world. If you would like to be featured, send your camel drawing to phil dot paoletta at gmail dot com.

Summer Camel Drawings Submitted by Readers

My sabbatical from camel drawing will soon be coming to an end (for those that don’t know, I took a sabbatical due to exhaustion from this camel drawing marathon), and today I received some fresh inspiration from a reader named Anne and her stepdaughter. Have a look at the drawings below. Well done, Ladies!!

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A Camel Drawing from Iran and an Record Breaking Camel Drawing Mission

Ali from Iran was kind to send his take on the camel in the pic above. Today I am launching the most ambitious camel drawing mission I have ever attempted. I will be teaching 100 different people how to draw camels in Bamako over a 24 hour period if I can raise $1,000 for Malian […]

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To All the Camel Drawers and Supporters of this Project, Thank You!

I am now back in the states, recovering from jet lag and already thinking about when I will go back to Mali. Lots of posts are in the works: my time with Project Muso, shadowing one of their community health workers, a visit to the Mali Health Organizing Project, and lots more interviews and video. […]

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A Beautiful Bactrian Camel from Kirstin in Kyrgyzstan

Thumbnail image for A Beautiful Bactrian Camel from Kirstin in Kyrgyzstan

This camel comes all the way from Kyrgyzstan! Kirstin is an American expat living in Bishkek. Besides being an accomplished camel drawer herself (see evidence below), she also runs an awesome blog called Ivory Pomegranate, where she crafts thoughtful posts and shares lovely photos of life in Kyrgyzstan. And she has a camel friend! Here […]

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Camel Collage #1

how to draw camels collage

This is the first in the series. If you don’t see yours here, look out for the next one. I have received over 60 now. They have been sent from all over the world. One of them was even drawn by a cat. That’s how good my techniques are. 1600×1200 Wallpaper | 1280×960 Wallpaper | […]

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