Camels are seductive and elegant animals. They can walk on sand better than you and they can drink 30 gallons of water in 13 minutes. You can never be a camel, but you can learn how to draw them.

Learning this skill will fill the huge void that currently lies at the center of your life. I know it’s there and I can help you get rid of it.

This is why you are here:

  1. Camels are difficult to draw.

  2. I know how to draw them better than anybody else.

  3. I will teach you how to draw them.

  4. In exchange, you will help me build a world where people are not asking me idiotic questions every time I return from West Africa.

Can you elaborate on that last point? Yes.

Many people are under the (idiotic and misguided) impression that there aren’t any West Africans innovating and developing solutions to the problems faced by their communities. I spend most of my time in this region (mainly in Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and Ghana) and whenever I return to the states for a visit home, I am asked a series of stupid questions. Things like:

“Are there banks there? How do you get money?”
“Aren’t your worried about HIV/AIDS?”
“Do you need a satellite phone?”

I am tired of these questions. I hope that one day I don’t need to answer them. I hope that one day, I can focus 100% of my energy on camel drawing. This will happen. In the meantime, I am going to teach the world how to draw camels while also showing a side of West Africa that some people can’t seem to imagine.

The projects featured on this site are not charity cases. I consider any financial contribution (100% of the ebook profits go to these projects) less of a donation and more of an investment. These are projects that could be replicated on a larger scale and in other other parts of the world. I’m just trying to raise their profile.

how to draw camels ebook

Know of a cool project in West Africa that could use some attention? Have some questions for me? Think I’m crazy? Want to send me a picture of a camel you drew? Get in touch with me on the contact page.

Happy camel drawing!!!