Camel Drawing

Drawing Camels in Amsterdam in 1958

Turns out, I’m less of a pioneer than I originally thought. Yvonne, who runs the great Rondom Baba Foundation in the Mopti region of Mali, sent me a photo of her drawing camels in 1958 in Amsterdam!!! She is the 4th from the left, in the white, drawing a beautiful, very regal bactrian camel. If […]

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How Much Money Can you Make as a Camel Drawing Consultant?

Many people are under the impression that camel drawing is not a very lucrative field. They are often surprised when they find out my annual income is well into the 6-figure range. Below is a recent exchange I had with a representative from a mining company in Mauritania. While he has not replied to my […]

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To All the Camel Drawers and Supporters of this Project, Thank You!

I am now back in the states, recovering from jet lag and already thinking about when I will go back to Mali. Lots of posts are in the works: my time with Project Muso, shadowing one of their community health workers, a visit to the Mali Health Organizing Project, and lots more interviews and video. […]

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Still Looking to Celebrate World Camel Day? Here is your Chance.

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Yesterday was World Camel Day, a time to honor nature’s greatest gift to mankind and the planet. In light of the occasion, I shared a number of world class camel resources and delivered at least one irresistible offer. That offer(s) is still on the table. World Camel Day was also a time for me to […]

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Remedial Camel Drawing Episode 1: Patrice from Cameroon

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Remedial Camel Drawing is a new series I am starting on the blog. It features clients and students who are severely inept at camel drawing. After my workshop, these students find themselves at full camel drawing proficiency. For them, it is a revelation. It is similar to a blind person using their vision for the […]

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