These are sites that I find meaningful. This list will grow over time. If you know of something worth checking out, let me know.

Social Enterprise

Rizwan Tayabali – Rizwan inspired me to take the how to draw camels project to the next level. He travels around the world offering pro bono consulting to social enterprises. Find his online profile at and check out his other site called Social Effect.

Young World Inventors – A video-based platform for connecting innovators, funders, and partners in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Social Enterprises in Africa

Trashy Bags – Trashy Bags is a Ghanaian company that takes discarded plastic waste and turns it into fashionable bags.

G-lish Foundation – Bringing sustainable development to rural northern Ghana.


Timbuktu Chronicles – A view of Africa and Africans with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, practical remedies and other self sustaining activities.

Africa Unchained – A plaform for analyzing and contributing to the issues and solutions raised by George Ayittey’s latest book “Africa Unchained.” This blog is run by Emeka Okafor, who is also behind Timbuktu Chronicles.

AfriGadget – Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity.

White African – Where Africa and technology collide.

Texas in Africa – Laura Seay is a professor of African politics, conflict, and international affairs. She specializes in eastern DRC, but offers excellent commentary on developments all over the continent.

Scarlett Lion – Brilliant photography and commentary from Glenna, who currently calls Liberia home.

Africa is a Country – All things Africa, with an occasional sardonic spin. Reflective, eye opening, and good music, always.

Shelby Grossman – Aggregates Africa news from around the web, but also posts her own insightful thoughts.

Fasokan РBoukary Konat̩ is an all star Malian blogger, sharing cultural stories in both Bambara and French and doing ICT outreach work with Malian villages. See my interview with him here.

Worthy Non-Profits

Partners in Health – Started in Haiti by superhuman Paul Farmer. If you have not read the book Mountains Beyond Mountains, get your hands on a copy and see what’s possible when someone is compassionate and motivated. Unbelievable story and organization.

Friends of Mali – an Irish-based
not-for-profit organisation which works with communities and projects in Mali, West Africa, supporting them in their pursuit of sustainable, long-term community-based development.

What Took you so Long? Foundation – Their mission: “To film, educate and connect. WTYSL documents and raises awareness of unsung issues, stories and people.” And they are doing incredible work with camel’s milk!! I featured them in an interview here.

Also see the projects page for some non-profits that I am working with directly.


Art of Non-Conformity – Chris Guillebeau blogs about living an unconventional life – working for yourself, experiencing the world first-hand, challenging expectations. His guide on working for yourself is one of the reasons I started this website.